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The health of your hair starts in your hairdresser’s hands.

Tricovit appears as a brand in mid 90s, after a long and extensive experience in capillary products. Carobels decides to launch this new product line, especially created to cleanse and care of both hair and scalp.

TricoVIT Vitamin Anti-hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss can be originated by different causes: hormonal causes of genetic origin or other alterations of diverse nature (stress, depression, unbalanced diet, medications, etc...

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TricoVIT Daily Tonic Anti-hair Loss Lotion

Anti-hair loss lotion that helps to reduce hair loss. Its ingredients facilitate the regeneration of the scalp and invigorate capillary fibre...

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TricoVIT Anti-hair Loss Shampoo

The soft formula of this anti-hair loss shampoo mainly aims at cleaning and balancing the scalp. Moreover, it contributes to fix the actives of the lotions...

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