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TricoVIT Vitamin Anti-hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss can be originated by different causes: hormonal causes of genetic origin or other alterations of diverse nature (stress, depression, unbalanced diet, medications, etc.).

The external treatment by TricoVIT, with added vitamins, works on some of those factors in order to reduce hair loss. It is able to regenerate scalp cells and to stimulate the hair fibre from the root to the tip.

Benefits of the Product

• Increases capillary density, avoiding the hair bulb to heal, impeding the growth of new hair.

• Nourishes and increases the thickness and hair quality, extending the natural hair loss process.


• Neutralises free radicals responsible for early hair ageing.

• Stimulates blood microcirculation facilitating cells oxygenation and nutrients supply.

• Increases production of keratocytes for stronger hair growth.

• Reduces the level of sebum in the scalp.

How to use the product?

In the first week of the treatment, you must proceed to a daily application. From the second week on, the application must be done every second day. The total duration of the treatment will depend on the scalp state. You must consult a professional in order to be advised about the exact duration of the treatment.

Way of Use

After washing the hair with TricoVIT anti-hair loss shampoo, dry it with a towel and apply the unidose ampoule on the whole head parting after parting. Do not rinse. Do a light massage with the tip of the fingers to help the absorption of the active principles.

Complete treatment to avoid hair loss:

So often, occasional hair loss just as alopecia is a problem that generates a great concern for the aesthetic impact they imply. The reasons of that loss are very diverse and its treatment is not simple.

Below, we present you an anti-hair loss treatment completed with all the products that you need to make your hair healthy and resistant.

Wash carefully the scalp: The anti-hair loss shampoo by TricoVIT does not only clean your scalp and hair, caring about its fragility, but it also prepares it to be more receptive to other products of the treatment, favouring the fixation of their active ingrédients. Besides, the softness of the shampoo allows a daily use.

Regenerate the scalp and the capillary fibre: The application of the regenerative treatment against hair loss by TricoVIT impedes the hair bulb to heal and encourages the appearance of new hair, while strengthening the existing hair. It has a very nourishing action on the hair; it strengthens it and improves its quality. Its use is temporary to reinforce the hair and the treatments duration needs to be set by a professional.

Slow down hair loss: The daily application of the anti-hair loss lotion by TricoVIT delays the hair loss and strengthens the capillary fibre, improving its health, in order to extend its duration and its vigour.

In addition to this treatment, TricoVIT recommends you to maintain a balanced and healthy diet and to avoid tabacco consumption. Those two factors have a direct effect on the organism and on the nutrients of every parts of the body, including the hair and the scalp. In case of women, it is also recommended that masks or other capillary treatments that might be used do not come into contact with the scalp to avoid its irritation.


10 x 10ml

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